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FreePBX (Asterisk) Email Based Conferencing System

Written by Mike

May 24, 2014


FreePBX (Asterisk) Email Based Conferencing System

FreePBX is a feature rich administration GUI for Asterisk and the conferencing module is great for static conference rooms. How about dynamically creating conference rooms by email?

Faced with creating a conferencing system for ~3,000 users, using static conference rooms was not going to work so I had to develop a small system to generate rooms on demand.

The simplest method for a user to create (or book) a conference room would be to send a blank email to a dedicated conferencing email address. So I developed a Python script that will login to an IMAP enabled mailbox to check for new emails, create conference rooms and email the sender back with the details.

Conferencing Script:

Asterisk Conferences

Edit conferences.conf and update the configuration to suit your needs and the create a cron job to run the script once a minute.

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